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Student Rooms available NOW !!!  close  city centre

Large student rooms with shower / toilet / fridge / free wifi internet. excellent location
all now to avoid disappointment. 

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TEL: 07570891046

Student accommodation in the city of Cambridge listing student accommodation in Cambridge Cambridgeshire. This includes student houses and student apartments also as an alternative to staying in a host family there's a bed and breakfast alternative near the city centre of the Cambridge. Finding accommodation can be difficult for students so here you will find a list of student accommodation websites for accommodation in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire.

Student visas

Competition for UK Student visas is hotting up. Over four hundred thousand international students began their studies in the UK last year and the numbers are set to rise. If you are looking to study at an Oxbridge college you need to be sure to sort a student visa a quickly and efficiently as possible. Many international students looking to study at Cambridge have trouble finding accommodation, for example, on top of all the other paperwork that needs to be finalised. Accommodation and visas should be your top priority when looking at arrangements for your time studying in the UK, as explained below.

Help With Visa Application

Applying for a UK Student visa can be fraught with difficulty, so it`s a good idea to get preparation underway as early as possible. You may need professional help in completing to application form, For example, did you know that there are different `tiers` or categories of visa available and you will need help to choose the right one. As a student you will be applying for a Tier 4 visa which is specifically for students wishing to study in the UK, although you must chose the right type of Tier 4 visa application, depending on your plans. 

Various types of documentation are needed to support your visa application, which must show that the university or college where you intend to study is legitimate and meets certain criteria. You need documentation to demonstrate that the college has sponsored you to study there and that the term of your visa is the same length as the course. You will also need to show that you have arrangements for accommodation in place, which is why it is crucially important to start preparing now for your student visa, preferably with the help of professionals in this field. Find a student accommodation specialist agency in the area and ask them if they supply the supporting documentation you will need. Remember that you will need to have all these proofs of intent on you when you arrive in the UK to study. Bring all the documents and have them well organised. You will need details of your finances and travel arrangements, details of your academic qualifications to date (certificates or awards for example), evidence of any English language ability or qualification and full records of your financial sponsor`s work and funds.  

There are many different types of proof required when applying to study in the UK. Don`t be put off, because the rewards are huge. But if you want the best chance of your visa application succeeding, especially if you live in the Cambridge area, then don`t delay finding accommodation well before term starts. Chose a reputable and experienced accommodation finding service, who understands your needs. Similarly, if you are seeking help with your visa application, find a professional company to do this with you, that have experienced lawyers and immigration specialists on hand, who understand all aspects of student globalvisas And don`t be afraid to ask the welfare department at your chosen educational institution for advice if you get into difficulties. They are there to help and will be able to discuss any problems that arise. If in doubt, ask!


Student Storage Box

Student Storage Box is the UK's affordable, easy, safe and secure student storage and shipping solution for students. Our pick-up, storage and drop-off services simplify the university move-in and move-out process making it convenient and stress free.


University of Cambridge Accommodation Service

We are the accommodation-finding department of the University of Cambridge. We have hundreds of properties and over a century of experience.


Accommodation for Students

afs here you can search for student accommodation.


Student Accommodation near Homerton College Tel: 07570891046

Cambridge E F Language School

Enroll in EF’s English courses in Cambridge and follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest minds in a quintessential British university city.

Study English in Cambridge and join a tradition of academic excellence dating back centuries. EF’s language school is situated in a tree-lined residential area, a leisurely 10 minute bike ride from the city center. The calm neighborhood is an ideal environment for focusing on your English courses. Cambridge is only a 50 minute train ride from London, and our students frequently spend weekends benefiting from the close proximity to Britain’s capital.

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